Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges consists of five members from five countries. They read and examine each shortlisted project individually before meeting to assess, discuss, advocate and reject. They select winners within the context of each single category, minding effort and effect, and write a report on the winners and mentionable runner-ups for the Award Ceremony. The chairman of the PrepCom is present at the judges-meeting for information, background and motivation of the chosen entries. The judges can select, from the shortlisted entries or even (combinations of) entered work that was not shortlisted, an effort that is deserving of special recognition. They can honour this effort with the Special Award.


Sir Harold Evans


Sir Harold Evans is the chairman of the jury. He is one of Britain’s most famous and feted editors. He first edited the Northern Echo in Darlington before moving to edit the Sunday Times in London for 14 years, where his campaigns – for example, on behalf of thalidomide victims – made headlines and helped change laws.

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Yevgenia Albats


Yevgenia Albats was the first Soviet journalist to investigate the Soviet political police, the KGB in the Soviet-era. She is the author of The State Within A State: KGB and Its Hold on Russia. In 1989, she received the Golden Pen Award, the highest journalism honour in the then-Soviet Union.

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Juan Luis Cebrián


Juan Luis Cebrián is the founding editor of El Pais in Madrid and CEO of the Prisa media groep. He founded El Pais in 1976, after graduating from the school for journalism and finishing his studies in philosophy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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Sylvie Kauffmann


Sylvie Kauffmann is editorial director of the French newspaper Le Monde, of which she was editor-in-chief in 2010-2011. Previously, she was the deputy editor and a reporter-at-large in Asia, based in Singapore.

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Jørgen Ejbøl


Jørgen Ejbøl started his career in journalism with the Aalborg Stiftstidende newspaper. From 1976-1993 he served as editor and editor-in-chief on various newspapers in Denmark such as Fyens Amts Avis, Dagbladet, Weekendavisen Berlingske Aften, BT, Billed Bladet, and Berlingske Tidende.

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