Awards 2014

The Commentator Award

For the commentator, columnist or editor whose work has made a decisive impact.

Vukovar: a Life-Size Monument to the Dead City

— Boris Dežulović, published by Globus, Croatia

Ombudsman columns

— Yavuz Baydar, published by X. Aimed for publication but censored June 24 and July 22, 2013, Turkey

Why we should give free money to everyone

— Rutger Bregman, published by De Correspondent, The Netherlands

Love or Nothing

— Maria Louka, published by Vimagazino at Vima Newspaper, Greece

A Cogent Analysis of European Economics and Finance

— Simon Nixon, published by The Wall Street Journal, United Kingdom

Der Deutsche Irrweg

— Harald Schumann, published by Tagesspiegel, Germany