Awards 2015

The Commentator Award

For the commentator, columnist or editor whose work has made a decisive impact.

The Cowardice of Nigel Farage

— Nick Cohen, published by The Observer, United Kingdom

Brussels for Bulgaria: It is not a Circus, it’s a Menagerie

— Svetoslav Terziev, published by The Sega Daily, Sofia, Bulgaria

Columns on the state of our lives and the natural world

— George Monbiot, published by The Guardian and BBC Earth, London, United Kingdom

The Mystery of the Secret Funds—and—Who are you Fooling?

— Cigdem Toker, published by Cumhuriyet, Istanbul, Turkey

Inequality explored
Waarom vuilnismannen meer verdienen dan bankiers

— Rutger Bregman, published by De Correspondent, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Lost Youth in Greece
Η Μάυρη επέτειος της νεολαίας

— Maria Louka, published by VICE, Athens, Greece