Awards 2015

The Innovation Award

For the idea – presentational, technical or in terms of editorial techniques – that has made a clear contribution to journalism’s future.

This year, very clearly, the Preparatory Committee thought the greatest innovation in journalism was the rapid growth in cross-border investigations between reporters working for different but co-operating newsrooms. All entries here reflect that development.

The Migrants’ Files: Surveying ­migrants’ deaths at Europe’s door

— The Migrants’ Files team: Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Jacopo Ottaviani, Sylke Gruhnwald, Jean-Marc Manach, Jens Finnäs, Daniele Grasso, Ekaterina Stavroula, Alessio Cimarelli, Andrea Nelson Mauro, Alice Kohli, published by The Migrants' Files, Italy, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Spain, Greece

Luxembourg Leaks

— Mar Cabra on behalf of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and 64 European journalists from 26 different news organisations across Europe, published by -, Spain

The Belarus Network

— Nicolas Kayser-Bril on behalf of journalists based in France, Belarus, Russia and Lithuania, published by various outlets including France 24, France

Europe’s Path to Growth and Jobs

— Mads Brandstrup, published by Borsen, Denmark