Awards 2016

The Commentator Award

Gideon Rachman Commentary

— Gideon Rachman, published by Financial Times, United Kingdom

The Monster and Us
Το Τέρας κι εμείς (ένα υστερόγραφο στην προαναγγελθείσα απώλεια του Βαγγέλη Γιακουμάκη)

— Maria Louka, published by Sto Kokkino , Greece

Commentaries on Same Sex Marriage in Ireland

— Fintan O'Toole, published by The Irish Times, Ireland

Commentaries on the Refugee Crisis

— Eric Frey, published by Der Standard, Austria

How the Story of the Left Disappeared
Hoe het Linkse Verhaal verdwenen is

— Caroline de Gruyter, published by NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands