Ramsés Morales

Ramsés Morales was born in Trinidad, Cuba. He graduated in graphic arts.

Ramsés Morales was born in 1970 in Trinidad, Cuba. He graduated in 1996 in graphic arts at Art Academy of Trinidad. Now he works as a graphic artist drawing political cartoons and illustrations for the international press.

Starting in 2000, he worked as a teacher for cartooning and illustration at the Art Academy of Trinidad for 12 years. Furthermore from 2000 – 2016 he worked as an illustrator  for the Office of Conservation in Trinidad. He used to write and draw comic books for the promotion of the Unesco World heritage of Trinidad. Since February 2016 he lives  in Switzerland with his wife and works as a freelancer creator.

From Switzerland he continues his work as an international cartoonist. He publishes his drawings in Courrier International (France), Nebelspalter (Switzerland) and Spotsk (Denmark), but his drawings also are being published in Canadian and American press. He never ceased to publish his work in the national press in Cuba

In february 2019 he was the recipient of the 1st prize in the “Editorial Cartoon” category of the World Press Cartoon contest in Portugal.