Gatis Šļūka

Gatis Šļūka is a professional cartoonist and illustrator from Latvia. He received his Master’s degree in Graphic fine art from the Art Academy of Latvia.

Gatis Šļūka works as a freelance artist and also works for the publishing house Latvijas Mediji. He has successfully collaborated with many magazines, marketing companies and individual clients for almost 20 years. His cartoons have appeared in such publications as The Washington Post, USA Today, Politico, Courrier International, Greenpeace, and many more. Šļūka has published three cartoon books – “Gatis Šļūka Karikaturas” (2006), Gatis Šļūka Karikaturas 2″ (2015), and “Gatis Šļūka Karikatura LV” (2018). Since 2001, he has participated in many cartoon- and printed art exhibitions/forums around the world.