Menekşe Çam

Menekşe Çam was born in Izmir, Turkey. She graduated from 9 Eylül University, Faculty of Education – Painting Department, and is an art teacher.

Menekşe Çam has been drawing cartoons since 2007. She often participates in national and international contests and she has been awarded a lot of times. Her work has been exhibited in many different countries. She took place in jury committees many times.

A lot of work by Menekşe Çam has been published in books, humor magazines, and art magazines in Turkey, and also in foreign press like Quest-France, Eulenspiegel Humor Magazine, Stern magazine, New Internationalist magazine 7Days newspaper, Al Nas daily newspaper. Her work is also often exhibited in Underground Exhibitions in Berlin.

Menekşe Çam has opened six individual exhibitions in Izmir and Istanbul. She has also organised three international cartoon exhibitions.