Maria Exner

Maria Exner is the Editor-in-Chief of ZEITmagazin since December 2020. Before this, Maria was the deputy editor-in-chief of ZEIT ONLINE since 2015. Since 2019, she has been responsible for innovative digital projects and their business development at ZEIT ONLINE and ZEIT in the newly created function as managing editor. She built up the ZEIT ONLINE magazine departments (Arbeit, Campus, ZEITmagazin ONLINE). She is responsible for the annual festival Z2X for 20 to 29 year olds, initiated the project Deutschland spricht, which was honoured with the Grimme Online Award, and its international extension My country talks. She is responsible for the project Europe talks, which was awarded with the Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration.

Maria is a 2021 Thomas Mann Fellow. She is an honorary member of the selection committee for the media diversity program of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and alumna of the Asia-Europe Young Leaders Forum of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Jung Königswinter Conference of the German-British Society.