Mette Dreyer

Mette Dreyer was born 1956 in Denmark. She was educated at The Academy of Applied Arts and started as cartoonist at the daily paper B.T. in 1984.

She is a cartoonist at the daily paper Politiken since 1998. She has received The Storm P award and the Vibedehus Foundation Travel Scholarship.

Tomás Serrano

Tomás Serrano was born in León (Spain). He always loved drawing stories and characters. He obtained the title of architect from the ETSA of Madrid and worked many years creating buildings, but never forgot his passion for illustration and cartooning. In 1995, he was awarded with the Premio Mingote. In 2011, he won one of the World Press Cartoon prizes. 

He has written and illustrated published children’s books, and even animated a music video for an American singer. 

His works have been published in the magazine Blanco y Negro, the newspaper ABC and other media such as the Magazine of the University of Chicago. From its foundation in 2015, he has been the political cartoonist of the online newspaper El Español. 

Tomás Serrano’s website