The European Press Prize is managed and represented by its board. Selected and appointed for a three year period by the members – Vereniging Veronica and Stichting Democratie en Media in Amsterdam; Jyllands-Posten and Politiken foundations in Copenhagen; Guardian Foundation and Reuters Foundation in London; and the Media Development Loan Fund, based in Prague and New York – the board exists of representatives from these member foundations.

Adriaan Stoop

Chairman of the Board
Stichting Democratie en Media

Ebel Kemeling

Treasurer of the Board
Vereniging Veronica

Maggie O’Kane

Board member
The Guardian

Yoeri Albrecht

Board member
Vereniging Veronica

Lars Munch

Board member
The Politiken-Foundation and The Jyllands-Posten Foundation

Bernard Poulet

Board member
Media Development Investment Fund