Panel of Judges

The panel of judges select the winners from the shortlist. The judges also choose the Special Award – either from the shortlisted entries or entered work that was not shortlisted. The Special Award goes to effort that is deserving of special recognition.

Alan Rusbridger

Alan Rusbridger is the chair of the judges’ panel. He is a British journalist, Principal at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, and Chair at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Read more ›

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid is deputy editor-in-chief of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Read more ›

Sheila Sitalsing

Sheila Sitalsing (Paramaribo, 1968) grew up in Suriname and Curacao and majored in Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read more ›

Juan Luis Sánchez

Juan Luis Sánchez is the co-founder and deputy director of eldiario. Read more ›

Can Dündar

Can Dündar is a Turkish journalist, documentary filmmaker and book author. Read more ›