Sérgio B. Gomes

Sérgio B. Gomes is the editor of Sunday supplement, P2, at Portuguese newspaper Público. Sérgio completed his degree at the Escola Superior de Jornalismo (now part of the University of Porto) in 1998. Sérgio was part of the pioneering group of journalists who, in 1999, started working on exclusive news for Público Online, where real-time follow-up texts and animated infographics in internet started to take off in Portugal. After a period of reporting, he held several positions in the online section of the newspaper. Here, between 2007 and 2016, he coordinated multimedia teams, mainly dedicated to video, audio, text and new media. In 2016, he was deputy director. Sérgio has been editing the Sunday supplement since 2018. He writes mainly about photography.

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