General information

– Headquarter of the European Press Prize Foundation is located at: De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017RR Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
– The European Press Prize is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel in the Netherlands, with the number: 55346146 and under the name ‘Stichting European Press Prize’
– The European Press Prize is registered at the Dutch authorities with the RSIN number: 851664647.


The European Press Prize is legally represented by its Board. Selected and appointed for a three-year period – and can be re-appointed for another two three-year terms. The board is responsible for policy and the realisation of the mission and objectives of the European Press Prize.

The board is composed of the following people:

– Nienke Venema (chair)
– Yoeri Albrecht
– Lars Munch
– Jens Bruun
– Marie Nemcova


The members of the Board do not receive any compensation for their work.

Outline policy

Good journalism is one of the hallmarks of civilized society. Independent and critical journalists are the guardians of democracy. With yearly awards, the European Press Prize aims to be the brand for quality journalism in Europe. By rewarding, facilitating and educating journalists, the European Press Prize highlights the importance of quality media and supports journalists in their endeavour to contribute to independent and critical journalism. Our key missions are aligning journalists and creating a community that recognises and strives for quality – one that helps each other fight foes too big for one person or organisation, as well as playing a defining role in emphasising the vital importance of fine reporting, shrewd analysis and outspoken comment.

Annual Statement

The annual statement of the European Press Prize is made by Ardent Adviseurs and Accounts. The complete annual report for the year 2022-23 can be found here.

Stichting European Press Prize’s ANBI publication requirement form can be found here.

Year Report

The latest Year Report of the European Press Prize can be found here. The Year Report includes the Prize’s statutory objectives, strategy, statement of income and expenses, and development.