Beata Balogová

Beata Balogová is the editor-in-chief of SME, a major daily and news site in Slovakia. Prior to joining SME, between 2003 and 2014, Beata served as editor-in-chief of Slovakia’s English-language weekly The Slovak Spectator. 

Beata became a journalist at the age of eighteen and since then she has been loyal to the profession and mission. She graduated from the School of Journalism of Columbia University in New York. Beata was also a Fulbright scholar appointed to the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri Columbia in 1994.

An ethnic Hungarian living in Slovakia, Beata writes columns and commentaries on politics, societal changes, populism, and human rights. She is the author of Cornelias (Kornélie) an autobiographic novel released in 2022 and The Book Full of People (Kniha plná ľudí), a non-fiction book.

Beata was awarded the European Press Prize Opinion award for 2020. She also received three national journalism awards in Slovakia.