Preparatory committee

The European Press Prize’s Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) – consists of members from different European countries, speaking a multitude of languages. The PrepCom is in charge of selecting the shortlist for each category; a daunting task. Hundreds of pieces and projects come in – in all shapes and sizes – written in all possible European languages and on every conceivable subject. The PrepCom read and re-read, compare the incompatible and select a number of projects to translate or investigate. All in order to narrow it down to a short selection of entries that is to be submitted to the judges.

Peter Preston

Peter Preston is the chairman of the Preparatory Committee. He was the editor of the Guardian in London for twenty years. Read more ›

Annette Bruhns

Annette Bruhns started her career as a freelance radio journalist in Berlin. Read more ›

Belinda Goldsmith

Belinda Goldmsith is Editor-in-Chief of the Thomas Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of the news providing organisation. Read more ›

Denis Staunton

Denis Staunton is the London Editor of The Irish Times. He joined The Irish Times in 1997. Read more ›

Heikelina Verrijn Stuart

Heikelina Verrijn Stuart is a lawyer, philosopher of law and journalist. Read more ›

Konstanty Gebert

Konstanty Gebert is Senior Policy Fellow and head of the Warsaw office at the European Council on Foreign Relations since 2011. Read more ›

Natalia Chientaroli

Natalia Chientaroli worked as a journalist for Argentinian newspapers La Nación and El Cronista. Read more ›

Nikos Chrysoloras

Nikos Chrysoloras is the Bureau Chief in Brussels at Bloomberg News. Read more ›

Patrice Schneider

A press freedom enthusiast, Patrice Schneider started his publishing career as a journalist reporting from conflicts in Central Asia at the end of the 1980s. Read more ›

Uffe Riis Sørensen

Uffe Riis Sørensen is member of the board of the Jyllands-Posten Foundation. Read more ›


The European Press Prize is welcoming entries from all over the European continent. You can enter your work here