Preparatory committee

The European Press Prize’s preparatory committee (PrepCom) – consists of members from different European countries, speaking a multitude of languages. The PrepCom is in charge of selecting the shortlist for each category; a daunting task. Hundreds of pieces and projects come in – in all shapes and sizes – written in all possible European languages and on every conceivable subject. The PrepCom reads and re-reads, compares the incompatible, and selects a number of projects to translate or investigate. All in order to narrow it down to a short selection of entries that is to be submitted to the judges.

Denis Staunton

Denis Staunton is the chair of the preparatory committee. He is London Editor of The Irish Times. Read more ›

Natalia Antelava

Natalia Antelava is a co-founder and the editor-in-chief of the award-winning media start-up Coda Story. Read more ›

Şebnem Arsu

Şebnem is a Turkey-based journalist, with a journalistic background in Turkey and its region for over 20 years. Read more ›

Beata Balogová

Beata Balogová is the editor-in-chief of SME, a major daily and news site in Slovakia. Read more ›

Denis Džidić

Denis Džidić is the Executive Director and Editor of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH). Read more ›

Konstanty Gebert

Konstanty Gebert is Associate Fellow and former head of the Warsaw office at the European Council on Foreign Relations since 2011. Read more ›

Sérgio B. Gomes

Sérgio B. Gomes is the editor of Sunday supplement, P2, at Portuguese newspaper Público. Read more ›

Anna Husarska

Anna Husarska is a Franco-Polish journalist writing mostly in English and
Spanish. Read more ›

Winny de Jong

Data journalist Winny de Jong (1988) works at the Dutch public news broadcast NOS. Read more ›

Oleg Khomenok

Oleg Khomenok is a member of GIJN’s Board of Directors, and a Senior Media Advisor at Internews Network. Read more ›

Cristian Lupsa

Cristian Lupșa is one of the co-founding editors of DoR (Decât o Revistă), a digital and print magazine in Romania that believes well-crafted narrative journalism can connect people, heal wounds, inspire, lead, and create change. Read more ›

Natalie Nougayrède

Natalie Nougayrède is a French journalist who served as executive editor and managing editor of the French newspaper Le Monde from 2013 to 2014. Read more ›

Jacopo Ottaviani

Jacopo Ottaviani is an award-winning computer scientist and data expert who works as Code for Africa’s Chief Data Officer (CDO). Read more ›

Lucila Rodríguez-Alarcón

Lucila Rodríguez-Alarcón is one of the four founders of the porCausa Foundation in Spain and became its executive director in October 2016. Read more ›

Dimitris Theo­doro­poulos

Dimitris Theodoropoulos is deputy Director of Culture and Culture & Strategy Advisor of the Onassis Foundation. Read more ›

Bartosz Wieliński

Bartosz Wieliński is a Polish journalist and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza. Read more ›

Roman Anin

Roman Anin is the head of IStories, a Moscow-based investigative media outlet. Read more ›

Katrin Kuntz

Katrin Kuntz is Deputy Head of the Foreign Desk of Der Spiegel. Read more ›

Mathias Friis

Mathias Friis is the investigative editor at DR, the Danish public service broadcaster. Read more ›

Lidy Nicolasen

Lidy Nicolasen is a Dutch journalist and writer. She has worked for the Dutch Newspaper De Volkskrant as a political and foreign reporter, head of the political desk in The Hague, and of the opinion desk in Amsterdam. Read more ›