The bureau runs and manages the daily affairs of the European Press Prize. The bureau is based in Amsterdam.

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins runs and streamlines our operations, administering the prize and making sure entries are safely delivered to the judging committees of the prize. Read more ›

Luiza Braga

Luiza Braga works on all things communications, ranging from social media content to newsletters and PR, to improve the way in which we communicate our message to our many audiences. Read more ›

Emanuele Del Rosso

Emanuele Del Rosso is our digital marketing strategist, responsible for digital marketing, direct email marketing, social media and blogging. Read more ›

Nanda Mohamed

Nanda supports all things communications and marketing, from social media strategy, to content creation, to designing excellent visuals for the prize. Read more ›

Aylin Özalp

Aylin Ozalp is responsible for programming, offline and online. Read more ›

Lily Schim van der Loeff

Lily Schim van der Loeff is our partner lead and works on building a visible, future proof organisation with an engaged community. Read more ›

Thomas van Neerbos

Thomas van Neerbos is the director of the prize. He is dedicated to build the European Press Prize to a Pulitzer like brand, with a heritage that will endure for decades. Read more ›

The European Cartoon Award is open for entries

Enter before June 18 for the 2021 edition!