The bureau runs and manages the daily affairs of the European Press Prize. The bureau is based in Amsterdam.

Thomas van Neerbos

Thomas van Neerbos is the director of the prize. He is dedicated to build the European Press Prize to a Pulitzer like brand, with a heritage that will endure for decades. Read more ›

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins is our Contracts & Partner Lead and works on building a visible, future proof organisation with an engaged community. Read more ›

Emanuele Del Rosso

Emanuele Del Rosso is our Head of Communications, responsible for our communications strategy, digital marketing, direct email marketing, campaign managing and press releases. Read more ›

Federica Testi

Federica Testi is our Communications Officer. She is responsible for content planning, production, monitoring and evaluation of our social media and for activities related to digital communications, public relations and events of the European Press Prize. Read more ›