Cristian Lupșa

Cristian Lupșa is a storyteller, editor, and founder. For 13 years he ran DoR, a digital and print magazine that was an important landmark for Romanian independent journalism until it closed in 2022.

His two-decades long career has taken him from Romania to the U.S., and back. He co-founded DoR in 2009, and, in 2011, began hosting The Power of Storytelling, an international storytelling conference in Bucharest. In 2020, DoR won the European Press Prize Innovation award, the culmination of a series of experiments it was known for: from launching new products and formats, to bringing journalism on stage, to creating community.

Cristian is a 2014 Nieman Fellow, and currently the chair of the European Press Prize Preparatory Committee. He coaches young journalists, consults local and regional newsrooms, and still believes well-crafted true stories can connect people, heal wounds, inspire, lead, and create change.