Hendrik Lehmann

Hendrik Lehmann is Head of Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab and coordinating a European network for urban journalism. Hendrik and the Lab work with investigative data analysis, dataviz and interactive web applications. They also explore the use of AI for investigative research and editorial workflows.

Better known projects Hendrik worked on include: the European investigation on housing crisis ‘Cities 4 Rent,’ a sensor journalism project on bicycle traffic ‘Radmesser,’ the crowd investigation on housing ‘Wem gehört Berlin?,’ the cross-border investigation ‘#GhostDebts’ on the trading of non-performing loans, and a long-term investigation on the climate crisis affecting African women called ‘Female Fight for the Future.’ 

Hendrik Lehmann has been awarded with the German Reporter Prize three times (2018, 2019, 2021), the Data Journalism Award 2019, the Ernst Schneider Prize 2020 and the European Press Prize 2022. He has worked as a data journalist, visual storyteller, video journalist and team coordinator at Tagesspiegel since 2016. Hendrik studied Political Science (B.A.) at FU Berlin Berlin and Urban Sociology at Goldsmiths College London (M.A.).

Hendrik Lehmann, 2022 Autorenportrait, Autorenfoto, Tagesspiegel