Every year, the European Press Prize salutes and encourages the highest achievements in European journalism at the annual Award Ceremony; a festival of dialogue, collaboration and storytelling.

Since 2013, European Press Prize ceremonies have been held in Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London.

2020 Drumscroll

The winners of the 2020 European Press Prize have been announced on June 11 via the interactive announcement Drumscroll. Given current COVID-19 circumstances, the planned Ceremony in Berlin, where our laureates and the selected winners were to be honoured, could not take place.

Because we want to uphold our mission to highlight and award the best in European journalism, we have invited everyone to experience an interactive announcement of the 2020 European Press Prize – so that we can still give our laureates and winners the honour that they deserve. Drumscroll allowed us to showcase the best of European journalism this past year, and allows everyone to meet this year’s laureates, see where all nominated stories originated, and hear what the judges have to say about them. The 2020 European Press Prize is an experience worthy of the great journalism it celebrates.

Experience our Drumscroll here.

2019 Award Ceremony

The 2019 Award Ceremony was held in Warsaw, where the winners were announced at Gazeta Wyborcza’s headquarters. The Award Ceremony took place on May 23. Here’s the official 2019 aftermovie, produced by Nestor Romero Clemente and Are We Europe: