Gorilla (Herman van Bostelen)

Gorilla is a collective of five designers, consisting of Richard van der laken (De Designpolitie / What Design can do), Pepijn Zurburg (De Designpolitie / What Design can do), Alex Clay (Lesley Moore), Karin van den Brandt (Lesley Moore) and Herman van Bostelen.

From October 2006 until April 2009 their images were published daily on the front page of the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Since then, their work is published in the Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer. 

Gorilla published three books, exhibited in several places around the world, including Amsterdam, New Delhi, London and Warsaw. They have won various awards for their work, such as the European Design Award and the Dutch ‘Inkspotprijs’ for Best Cartoon.