Jef Bonifacino

Jef Bonifacino was selected for the 2021 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Sisters of Europe.’

Freelance photographer Jef Bonifacino‘s work questions the notion of territory. He focuses on long-running projects related to society and the environment, blending together art and documentary styles. His work has been exhibited and awarded prizes at several festivals: Nuits de Pierrevert, QPN, Maison Blanche (Nantes), Circulation(s) (Marseille), Itinéraires des Photographes voyageurs (Paris), 9ph (Bordeaux), Prix Sept O! (Lyon) and Gallery Re:Artist (Nice). He has also been published in the following media outlets: Institut Geographique National, Livret de l’Opera Nationale de Paris, The Eye of Photography, Sophot, Fisheye Photobook 1, Lensculture, House of Europe and Orient, Monolog, Novo, Le Figaro, Corridor Eléphant, Edge of Humanity Magazine.