Nataša Markovič

Nataša Markovič was selected for the 2024 Shortlist with We Have Betrayed a Generation

Nataša Markovič, Slovenian journalist, editor,co- founder of Preiskovalno (ENG: investigative). She focuses on social exclusion, human rights, elderly and politics. Last 15 years she has been a part of most watched and influential television shows on National television where they uncovered many political corruption stories. As a journalist in the news department she has covered the highest domestic and international bilateral political events. Last year she joined the largest media company Media 24 where in October she established the journalism portal which is dedicated to monitoring the paths of public money, politics, the elderly, and the diseases of the century-cancer.The basic mission of the Preiskovalno media is telling the stories of people without connections, without political pedigree, and people on the margins. The recent story about an abandoned man Andrej who was for four months lying in his own waste resonated in recent months all over the country. Today, thanks to good people and the mayor he has a renovated room and with the help of physiotherapy, he can walk again. After this story was published the municipality found four more abandoned elderly people in the same city.

Markovic holds a master’s degree in science.