Roman Anin

Roman Anin has won the 2021 European Press Prize Investigative Reporting Award with ‘Kirill and Katya: Love, offshores, and administrative resources. How marrying Putin’s daughter gave Kirill Shamalov a world of opportunity.’

Roman Anin is the head of IStories, a Moscow based investigative media outlet. Roman began his career in 2006 as a sports writer, but in 2008 was moved to the investigative section.

Since 2009 Roman has been working on cross-border investigations with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). His work also led to investigative reports in the Financial Times, the BBC and Sveriges Television (SVT), Sweden’s public broadcaster. Roman majored in journalism at Moscow State University (MSU) and graduated in 2010.

In 2012, he received three of the most prestigious awards in Russian investigative journalism: the Artem Borovik award, the Youlian Semenov award and the Andrey Sakharov award. In 2013, he received a prestigious international award – the Knight International Journalism Award.

He was a member of the Panama Papers investigative team that received the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting in 2017 and also worked on the Paradise Papers investigation.

In 2018-2019 Roman was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford where he studied coding and psychology.