Wolfgang Bauer

Wolfgang Bauer, born in Hamburg in 1970, has been raised in Germany’s far north and south. He went to night school in Reutlingen, had parallel careers as bakery deliveryman, tour guide, mover, postman, garbage sorter, temporary building superintendent.

Bauer studied at the University of Tübingen: Islamic studies followed by geography and history. He has been doing regular travels to the Middle East since 1990.

Wolfgang Bauer started his career as Freelance journalist in 1994. Learned writing at daily Schwäbisches Tagblatt in Germany’s Southwest. Since 2000 he has been a reporter for various magazines like National Geographic and Stern. Bauer is specialized in long-read-features. He has covered conflicts in Africa and the middle east since 20 years. He first travelled to Afghanistan in the winter of 2002. Since then, he has done frequent reporting from Afghanistan. Since 2011, he has been a reporter for the Editor-in-Chief of Die ZEIT. Author of the books Crossing the Sea (Migration to Europe), Stolen Girls (Boko Haram) and Fracture Zones (Suhrkamp).