The voices of our Community from iMEdD’s International Journalism Forum

Published on October, 12 2023

For the second year, we had the opportunity to be part of iMEdD’s International Journalism Forum, contributing to it with our yearly Community Event and, to close the third day of the Forum, with our ‘EPPisodes: Odyssey Edition‘, a format that merges storytelling and journalism from the Prize Laureates.

During our Community Event, an entire day dedicated to our Laureates, the journalists that make the European Press Prize stronger, and help us stay connected with all the media professionals of Europe and beyond, we ran an open survey, asking one simple question: What is a community, to you?

We want to showcase some of their answers, raw, as they were written, so that they can spark everyone’s imagination, foster conversation on what journalism needs and is, and allow us to identify clear goals and opportunities for growth.

And if you are part of the Prize community but weren’t in Athens with us, or if you are a media professional and want to tell us what you think, leave here your thoughts for us!

A community is:

  • A group of people with at least one element of affinity and the desire to gather to share thoughts and ideas related to it as ways to learn, practice, networking, enjoying and feel we are not alone and we belong.
  • A clan. A family. Somewhere where you feel safe and appreciated. In short: a clan that celebrates!
  • It is the sharing of ideas, visions, concerns, fears, celebrations, miseries.
  • A community is a place where you are accepted, beloved and respected for what you are, and where you accept, share and love the others, like in a family. The European Press Prize is that.
  • It is a place where I feel safe, inspired and valued. Where I can fail and learn.
  • A community is a safe place that helps you feel less alone, a safe place to share your ideas no matter how crazy, without judgements. Also, a community is a group that can (nicely) kick your ass and send you back to work whenever needed.
  • Photo: Alex Grymanis

More about the International Journalism Forum

iMEdD’s International Journalism Forum is an annual journalistic meeting organised by iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development), and was held from September 28 to 30 in Athens.

The Forum brought together the global journalism community for sessions of knowledge-sharing, networking and inspiration, providing an opportunity for participants to explore the ways in which innovation and journalism can co-create the industry’s next day. 

Attendees took part in a packed schedule of talks, workshops, open discussions and other events that were designed to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing among journalists.

Selected sessions of #iMEdDIJF23 are available to watch on demand at this link.