Award ceremony 2019 to be held at Gazeta Wyborcza in Warsaw

Published on February, 26 2019

The annual award ceremony of the European Press Prize will be taking place in Warsaw this year. At the ceremony, which is set to be held at Gazeta Wyborcza on May 23, the winners in 4 categories + the Special Award will be announced. The shortlist for the European Press Prize 2019 can be found here.

Since the first edition of the European Press Prize in 2012, the annual award ceremonies have taken place in London, Copenhagen, Prague, Amsterdam and Budapest. This year, we’re headed to Warsaw, Poland, where the award ceremony will be held at Gazeta Wyborcza’s headquarters on May 23. Agora, the media foundation behind Gazeta Wyborcza, has been a long-term member of the European Press Prize foundation.

It’s not the first time that Gazeta Wyborcza is in the spotlights at the European Press Prize: In 2016, Justyna Kopińska, a journalist with Gazeta Wyborcza, won the European Press Prize for Distinguished Writing with her piece ‘The Fear-Sick Ward’.

The 2019 edition
For the 2019 edition of the European Press Prize, hundreds of journalists from all across Europe have sent in their best work. The preparatory committee has read them all and selected the 23 very best for the shortlist. (Sign up to our newsletter to receive the stories in your inbox).

The panel of judges for this year includes Sylvie Kauffman (former Editor-In-Chief Le Monde), Sir Harold Evans (Editor-at-large at Reuters) and Jørgen Ejbøl (Vice Chairman Jyllands-Posten Foundation).

The ceremony at Gazeta Wyborcza will be packed with strategy sessions, masterclasses and exhibitions. In the evening, the award ceremony will take place with a Keynote speech, interviews with laureates and winners, and of course the winners announcement. European Press Prize laureates from all across Europe will be present, as well as members of the preparatory committee and jury, and multiple renowned media organisations.

About the European Press Prize
The European Press Prize celebrates the highest achievements in European journalism. The prize is awarded in 4 categories: Distinguished Reporting, Innovation, Opinion and Investigative Reporting, each worth €10.000. The judges also award an annual Special Prize for excellent journalism to one striking entry which defies categories and disciplines.

The prize is made possible by a number of European media foundations who strive to encourage quality journalism in Europe: The Guardian Foundation, Thomson Reuters Foundation, The Politiken Foundation, Foundation Veronica, The Jyllands-Posten Foundation and Democracy and Media Foundation and The Irish Times Trust Limited. The prize partners with the Media Development Investment Fund, Agora Foundation (host of the 2019 ceremony), ANP and founding place De Balie.