Hans-Peter Siebenhaar

Hans-Peter Siebenhaar was selected for the 2020 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Roland Berger’s self-deception: The star consultant, his Nazi father and the guilt of German industry.’

Hans-Peter Siebenhaar, born on May 1, 1962 in Thurn, Germany, worked as a politics and business reporter for the Bavarian newspaper Fränkischer Tag from 1995 to 2000 before joining Handelsblatt. He covered several industries and has been writing his column „Medien-
Kommissar“ about all things media since February 2013. In October 2013, Siebenhaar became the Handelsblatt correspondent for Austria and Southeast. In February 2015, he was voted onto the board of the foreign press association in Vienna and has been heading it since December 2015. In 2018, Siebenhaar received the Hugo-Junkers Award of the German Airlines- and Space Media. He
has authored several books, among them „Austria – The Torn Republic“ and„The Insatinables“ – a critique of public radio financing in Germany.

15.10.2009 Duesseldorf, Handelsblatt GmbH Kasernenstrasse 67 Dr. Hans-Peter Siebenhaar Foto: Pablo Castagnola