Jakub Górnicki

Jakub Górnicki was selected for the 2021 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Rojava Diary.’

Jakub Górnicki is Outriders’ CEO. Passionate about new media, interactive storytelling and reporting projects. He studied journalism at Warsaw University, specialised in Reportage Laboratory. He started Outriders to bridge cultures and societies by original reporting and providing a global perspective through innovative storytelling. As a COO and board member of ePaństwo Foundation, he developed it into a global leading open data/transparency NGO. He started Code for Poland, worked there for six years and transformed it into Code for All together with Code for America. He also co-operated with Open Cities – a program helping European cities adopt open data policies as well as Personal Democracy Forum in CEE and TransparenCEE. He remains an active ambassador of Central Eastern Europe. Jakub was named a 2014 New Europe Challenger.