Sönke Iwersen

Sönke Iwersen was selected for the 2020 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Roland Berger’s self-deception: The star consultant, his Nazi father and the guilt of German industry.’

Sönke Iwersen, born on April 9, 1971 in Hamburg, Germany, graduated from the Axel Springer School of Journalism and afterwards took a job as a business reporter for the Stuttgarter Zeitung. Since 2006, Iwersen has been working for the German business daily Handelsblatt. Starting in 2012, Iwersen headed the newly created investigative reporting at Handelsblatt which has since become an important corrective in the German media landscape. Iwersen has won many awards, among them business journalist of 2011, the same year he was honored with the Georg von Holtzbrinck Award for Business Journalism. Iwersen won the German Journalism Award in 2011 and 2019 as well as the Henri-Nannen Award in 2013. He is a triple recipient of the Watchman Award and in 2017 received the Kurt-Tucholsky Award for Literary Journalism.