A line for journalism

Good journalism is like poetry. It inspires us, moves us, sets us free. This is why we launched ‘A line for journalism’ a collective poem about journalism and journalists. Anyone can contribute to this poem, writing their own line to continue it.

The title will be Running from Silence, because too many journalists are oppressed by censorship, or forced to flee their country to continue doing their job as it should be done. This poem will help them set their words free.

Before you write, scroll down and read what journalists, activists, readers, freedom of speech supporters wrote before you, experience how they decided to free their word. And then, add your line to continue this poem.

The poem will stay open until June I, 2023. Hover over the lines to discover who wrote them.

Running from Silence

Journalists cure power, make sure it’s a pure power
Their words are our tool, our food, our gift
Sometimes they are cut off, their voices undone
And without truth speakers, there’d be journalism no more

Their job is neither to please nor to hurt
But to bring into light hidden truth and
While truth can set free, they are forced into hiding
Leaving people their oxygen, for a sound society.

A certain amount of editorial work was necessary to guarantee the readability of the collective poem. English mistakes were corrected, for example, and sentences might have been slightly changed to make them fit the poem – always respecting each author’s intentions.
Lines containing hateful speech and unsubstantiated claims or accusations were excluded by the editors.