This tracker enables readers to follow the U.K.’s Brexit referendum. This is the first time a pass for Apple wallet has been used to deliver news. The pass for Apple wallet updated readers in realtime with the latest news and results during the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, allowing them to track the vote via mobile without needing to download an app. It was the first time globally that this technology has been used to deliver news.

More than 10,000 passes were installed in a week, from users in over 100 countries. Users rated the tracker 8.4 out of 10 and 95 percent would recommend another POLITICO product. 74 percent of registered users were new to POLITICO, a new audience that has since formed the base of POLITICO’s expansion in the U.K. As well as being well-received by users, the tracker was hailed by the digital industry as an innovative way to engage an audience without requiring them to download a separate app.