The Chatbot for WhatsApp developed by involves the work of the entire staff and is a perfect match between journalism and technology focused on user service in a close, easy and user purposed way, since WhatsApp is one of the most used information channels in Europe.

The tool works with a natural language response model for users that, in addition to responding to users, allows data around disinformation to be collected, classified, tracked and analysed to study the spread and operating of misinformation. does not collect user data, only content data.

The chatbot is capable of detecting and responding to disinformation reports in all formats: videos, audio, text and images – that it interprets and sends fact-checked responses.

This has enabled journalists to better serve the community and to be more efficient in the public service they provide. This tool is proof that technology can bring us closer and make journalism help the population and according to WhatsApp itself is the better fact-checking WhatsApp chatbot developed worldwide.

To acces’ tool, you can use the following number in WhatsApp: +34644229319 or use this link.