Anđela Milivojević

Anđela Milivojević is CINS investigative journalist since 2009. She took part in most important CINS investigations, writing more than 25 investigative stories on organized crime, corruption, media financing and ownership, shady businesses of politicians, privatization and other issues. Anđela is specialized in FOIA requests, research of online databases and data analysis, and she holds workshops for young reporters on a wide range of topics. She won two national awards for the best investigative story: in TV (2014) and online category (2011). She was nominated in 2014 as a young journalist for the prestigious “Dusan Bogavac” ethics and courage award in Serbia.

Anđela Milivojević won the 2017 European Press Prize Investigative Reporting Award with ‘Series of articles on corruption and organized crime