Andreea Giuclea

Andreea Giuclea was selected for the 2020 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘More goals, finer ankles.’

Andreea Giuclea is a Romanian sports reporter passionate about the inner lives of athletes and the systems they perform in. She covers this topic for, a daily sports website, and writes in-depth stories for the quarterly narrative magazine DoR (Decât o Revistă). She wrote a book about the struggles and life lessons of Romanian athletes and sends a monthly newsletter focusing on women’s sports and gender inequality in sports. 
She was part of a team of reporters at DoR who won the 2017 European Press Prize Special Award with Colectiv, the story of a deadly fire in a Bucharest club, and has worked for the past couple of years for the international The Power of Storytelling conference in Bucharest. 

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