Team Are We Europe

Team Are We Europe was selected for the 2019 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘The Drums of Democracy
The Are We Europe Foundation was founded by Marije Martens,  Mick ter Reehorst,  Ties Gijzel, and Kyrill Hartog to support emerging creative talent in Europe and promote the creation of pan-European media initiatives.
Are We Europe is built around three major axes: an online community where 600+ European journalists co-create, analyze, and connect with each other, a project called Edges of Europe that applies the “story design sprint” model to produce multimedia stories about regions and issues that deserve more attention than they are getting, and our main outlet: a quarterly magazine that provides an alternative perspective on Europe, its identity, its creators and its journalism.

Marije Martens

Mick ter Reehorst

Ties Gijzel

Kyrill Hartog