Bartosz Józefiak

Bartosz Józefiak was selected for the 2024 Shortlist with Migrants From “Culturally Distant Countries” Are Already Here, in Their Hundreds of Thousands. They Were Invited by the PiS Government

Bartosz Józefiak (born 1987) – graduate of the Polish School of Reportage. He cooperates with “Duży Format”, and TV programmes: Superwizjer nad UWAGA! TVN. He specializes in undercover journalism. Nominated, among others: to the Grand Press Award and the Teresa Torańska’s Newsweek Award.. Author of the reportage book „Everyone Takes a Ride”, which was in the finals of the Grand Press competition for the Reporter’s Book of the Year 2023, and co-author (together with Wojciech Górecki) of the book „Łódź. A city in trouble”. Co-author (together with Agnieszka Bomba and Piotr Stefański) of the reporting audioseries „Vietnamese Debt”.