Borders Inc

Borders Inc: the migration control industry was selected for the 2023 Shortlist.

Find more information about the team members and journalists who directly contributed to the investigation below.

José Bautista

José Bautista is an investigative journalist based in Madrid specialized in economics and migrations. He coordinates the investigative journalism team at Fundación porCausa and works for The New York Times. Bautista has worked for other media outlets and organizations, including Público, La Marea, Agencia EFE, OCCRP, Folha de São Paulo,, Der Spiegel and CEPAL, among others. He holds a double master’s degree at Sorbonne Paris and the ESCP Business School.

Alberto Alonso

Alberto Alonso Pérez is journalist graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid. He specializes in data journalism and is part of the investigative journalism team of Fundación porCausa.

Rocío Márquez

Rocío Márquez is an infographist and new narratives designer at El Confidencial. Márquez began studying Art and Design and later completed a professional degree in Advertising Graphics. In 2009 she got a master’s degree in Digital Arts and began to work with data visualization. She obtained a scholarship as an infographic designer at La Vanguardia. Later, she has worked as a freelance infographics artist for the same newspaper, as well as for Prodigioso Volcán, the Red Cross and La Sagrada Familia. Recently she has completed a Master’s in Data Visualization (Universitat de Girona).

Emma Esser

Born in Luxembourg and with a Spanish mother and a Belgian father, Emma has had the unique privilege of a multilingual and multicultural upbringing. Having first studied in the European School of Luxembourg, Emma Esser finished her international baccalaureate in the UK. She then moved to Spain and graduated in Digital Communication and more recently in a Master’s degree in Web and Graphic Design. In 2022 Esser joined El Confidencial, where she has rapidly introduced to the journalism, data visualization and new narratives world.

Fernando Anido

Fernando Anido is a web developer and data journalist, currently working at the spanish newspaper El Mundo. Previously Anido worked at El Confidencial.

Marta Ley

Marta Ley is a data journalist based in Madrid. She studied a master’s degree in investigative journalism, data and visualization. She has worked as a data journalist in Spanish media since 2014. First, she spent six years at El Mundo newspaper. Since the end of 2020, she is the coordinator of the data section at El Confidencial.

Laura Martín

After studying Journalism, Laura Martín worked for three years as a journalist for Vocento and Grupo Joly newspapers. In 2017 she completed a master’s degree in Journalism, Data Visualization and a monograph in Graphic Design. She has more than four years of experience in editorial design and dataviz. Currently, she is head of Graphics and New Formats in El Confidencial.

Ángel Villarino

Ángel VIllarino is the deputy director of El Confidencial since 2020. He joined the newsroom in the spring of 2015 as coordinator of International section. Villarino later went through the ranks of Weekend Editor-in-Chief, Reporting Editor-in-Chief and Assistant to the Director. Before joining El Confidencial, he worked as a foreign correspondent and special envoy for 12 years for two large media groups, based in Rome, Bangkok, Beijing and Washington.

Alba Solla

Alba Solla is a journalist and Internationalist expert in intervention with migrants and refugees. Solla is specially interested in the defense of Human Rights from a gender perspective and seeks to make this world a fairer place through clear and humane communication. Solla is a regular contributor at Fundación porCausa and currently works as an awareness-raising technician in the field of racism and xenophobia.

Juan Aguilar

Juan Aguilar is a journalism student months away from graduating, always open to discover and investigate what is happening around. He is a regular contributor of Fundación porCausa.

Ana Rojas

Ana Rojas is a researcher and freelance journalist based in Barcelona. She currently works on national and international reporting on social issues related to human rights, gender and culture. Ana Rojas is part of Fundación porCausa’s journalism team.

Marta Nevot

Marta Nevot is a journalist interested in stories that promote critical thinking. Her work focuses on migrations, human rights and childhood. Nevot is part of Fundación porCausa’s journalism team.

Nicolás Ribas

Nicolás Ribas is a journalist with a master’s degree in international relations. He has been a regular contributor for Spanish media outlets such as El Salto, CTXT, Público, El Confidencial, and Fundación porCausa. His work focuses on investigative journalism and new narratives in the fields of migration, human rights, and borders. Ribas has also worked for Swiss public television Schweizer Fernsehen and the OCCRP. Currently, Ribas conducts research and reports for

Ana Álvarez

Ana Álvarez is a data scientist. She has been the responsible for extracting and processing the raw data used in ‘Border Inc’.

Ekaitz Cancela

Ekaitz Cancela is a journalist, researcher and essayist. He works as an editor in the knowledge curation platform The Syllabus and is the author of ‘Utopías digitales’ (Verso, 2023).

Emilia García Morales

Emilia García is a data and investigative journalist. She has been involved in several investigations on migration, women’s sexual health, environment and corruption. Previously, she has been a contributor at the financial section of El Mundo, PlayGround, Fundación porCausa, Connectas and Bloom. She currently works for Público.

Joseba Torronteras

Joseba Torronteras is an Spanish investigative journalist based in Madrid. He has worked on long term reports on migrations and corruption in the borders with Fundación PorCausa since 2018. Torronteras has also covered Spanish and international markets and stocks for Expansión and El Confidencial newspapers.

Pablo Fernández

Pablo Fernández is a journalist based in Spain and specialized in chronicle and social investigation. Fernández is a regular contributor of Fundación porCausa and cultural manager of the Republic and Democracy Institute. He has worked in Turkey, Kurdistan and Iraq, among others.

Sara Ortega

Sara Ortega is a journalist specialized on social and minority groups. She likes to write about migration and feminism and focuses on long range investigations. Sara Ortega is part of Fundación porCausa’s journalism team and a contributor for El Confidencial, Público, El Salto and El País, among others.

Patricia Macías

Patricia Macías is a journalist specialized in gender, migration and human rights based in Madrid. She is the responsible for journalism and content at Fundación porCausa and the technical director of the International Congress of Migration Journalism  of Mérida. She holds a master’s degree in gender and migration from the Complutense University and in Collective Memories in Latin America from CLACSO.

Álvaro Bravo

Álvaro Bravo is a Spanish journalist specialized in data, new narratives and research. Currently Bravo works as a multimedia editor at El Norte de Castilla, a regional newspaper. Since 2017 Álvaro Bravo is a regular contributor of Fundación porCausa covering migration stories and investigating border control.