Catarina Gomes

Catarina Gomes lives in Lisbon. She has been a journalist for almost 20 years, most of it working for the Portuguese daily national newspaper Público. She has a Masters in Media and Communication from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Catarina published her first book in 2014, a non-fictional account of the lives of sons and daughters of former soldiers from the Portuguese colonial war, Pai, tiveste medo? (Father, were you afraid?). The book has been included in the Portuguese National Reading Program. She co-authored a documentary script on a woman that many thought was mad, because she spent her life believing she was an opera diva (Natália, The Tragicomic Diva).

Her long-form journalistic work has received several national awards, among them is the Gazeta Award, the AMI-Journalism Against Indifference Award and the Literary Award Orlando Gonçalves. In 2015 she received the International Journalism King of Spain Award.

What drives Catarina are life narratives. She keeps a website where she displays some of her most meaningful work, some of it is translated into English (

Catarina Gomes was selected for the 2018 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘500 years later the Habibs are looking for a house in Portugal