David Cabo

David Cabo was selected for the 2024 Shortlist with 18 Days Spent Phoning Every Half an Hour in the Hope That Someone Would Answer the Minimum Living Wage Helpline

MSc in Software Engineering and BA in Psychology, David founded Civio in 2012, and currently serves as Executive Director and lead developer. For 12 years he worked as a consultant, developer, and software architect for companies such as British Telecom, HM Revenues and Customs, Accenture, Ericsson and BBVA Global Markets. He is an expert in open data, public data analysis and budget data, among other fields.

David also lectures on the post-graduate courses offered by Spain’s leading media (El Mundo and El Pais), as well as in numerous workshops and conferences related to civic technology and data journalism. Before founding Civio, David co-organized the largest open data hackathon in Spain, Desafio Abredatos, launched the pro-transparency initiative #adoptaundiputado and collaborated with investigative journalists on the extraction and analysis of public data (Looting the Seas, ICIJ). He has also worked with Access Info Europe and mySociety in the development of the European web portal AsktheEU.org.