Denis Vejas

Denis Vejas was selected as runner-up for the 2022 European Press Prize Public Discourse Award with ‘Belarus: escaping Lukashenko’s regime at any cost.’ 

Denis Vejas (1986 Lithuania) is a Vilnius-based documentary photographer, writer, and visual storyteller. A big part of his work has been done in nomadic settings, living the experiences that the road brings. As a photographer and a writer, Denis always felt attracted by the things happening on the peripheries of the global world, focusing on the social outskirts and the spaces that are commonly marginalized. During 15 years of independent travelling and visiting over 70 countries, his work had been published in „Vice“, „Juxtapoz“, ‘NARA’, „El Papel“, “Calvert Journal”, DOCU Mag’ „Beware“, “Zeit’, ‘Ereb’ among others. Denis’ photography had received numerous awards, including 4 honorary mentions in Life Framer Awards, and third place in a photography contest organized by National Geographic and World Nomads’. His work has been shown in various photography exhibitions in Lithuania, Belgium, and Mexico.
Since 2019 Denis is back in Lithuania where he works with NARA journalistic collective, mainly covering stories on Belarus and Ukraine.