Guillermo Abril

Guillermo Abril has won the 2019 European Press Prize Innovation Award with ‘Palmyra

Guillermo Abril, born in Madrid in 1981, has been a staff reporter of El País Semanal, Sunday magazine of El País, since 2007. He has written dozens of reportages, interviews and profiles, with a special focus on European and International affairs. Guillermo is coauthor of La Grieta (Der Riss), and a World Press Photo winner for his participation in the short documentary “At the gates of Europe”. He also co-directed the short documentary ‘The Resurrection Club’, nominated to the Spanish Cinema Awards (Goya). He has been also been teaching journalism since 2016. Guillermo has presented La Grieta (Der Riss) in various international events, such as the Bergen non-fiction literature festival (NO), Literaturhaus Berlin (DE), Montevideo (UY).