Lukas Eberle

Lukas Eberle was selected for the 2022 European Press Prize shortlist with The First Hotspot

Lukas Eberle works for the news magazine Der Spiegel and is based in Cologne, Germany. Born in 1982 in Mutlangen, Eberle graduated in sports and media sciences from Tuebingen University and holds a Master’s degree in journalism from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. He later attended the Deutsche Journalistenschule, one of the most respected training institutions for journalists in the German-speaking world. In 2010 he started working for Der Spiegel as a sports journalist, reporting from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and Sotchi. Eberle also covered topics such as doping and sexual abuse. He then became a correspondent for West Germany, where he reports on politics, the Covid pandemic and the 2021 floods in the region.