Maria Ruxandra Burcescu

Maria Ruxandra Burcescu is a contributor for where she publishes opinion pieces, as well as social and political stories. As a result of winning one of the Superscrieri press fellowships in 2017, she has documented the phenomena of revenge porn in Romania along with her colleague, Nicoleta Rădăcină and visual artist Alexandra Crisbaşan. She has also been awarded the III prize at the Superscrieri Gala for an opinion piece. Besides her work as a journalist, she is actively involved in an NGO that deals with educational and environmental issues and has organized a youth project concerning deforestation in the summer of 2017. 

Maria Ruxandra Burcescu was selected for the 2018 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Attention! These images no longer have an emotional impact on you: the victim is stupid, hypocritical, vicious and slutty’.