Megan Clement

Megan Clement was selected for the 2024 Shortlist with Women on the Run From Abusers Face Being Returned From Denmark to Syria

Megan Clement is a journalist who focuses on gender inequality, migration and other human rights issues. Her reporting has appeared in The Guardian, CNN, Bloomberg, The Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera, WIRED and New Lines, among other publications. Megan edits Impact, a bilingual newsletter covering feminist movements and women’s rights worldwide. She also teaches journalism at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. Megan is a co-founder of The Gender Beat, a collective of journalists who advocate for increased and improved coverage of gender inequality.

She is the inaugural winner of the Island Magazine Nonfiction Prize. In 2018, she won an ILO media award for her editing of a piece investigating the conditions of migrant workers in Gulf states. Her memoir, Desire Paths, will be released in 2025. She lives in Montreuil, France.