Paavo Teittinen

Paavo Teittinen won the 2022 European Press Prize Investigative Reporting Award with ‘The investigation is closed.

Paavo Teittinen is an award-winning investigative journalist for the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, one of the largest newspapers in the Nordics. His work has exposed abuses of power and social injustice, often focusing on structural issues hidden from public view. Teittinen has written about human trafficking, sexual and domestic abuse, honour-based violence, severe flaws in how the police investigate serious crimes, the mistreatment of asylum seekers, predatory payday lending, charity fraud, medical malpractice, and other issues. His work has led to, for example, new legislation helping victims of human trafficking, police reforms, criminal investigations and reviews by the Chancellor of Justice, which acts as the supreme guardian of the law.