Paweł Kapusta

Paweł Kapusta comes from Poland, works for Wirtualna Polska ( He is a sports journalist, specializing in football topics. Before coming to Wirtualna Polska, worked for “Piłka Nożna” magazine for 5 years. He worked as a correspondent during the World Cup in Brazil and World Cup in South Africa. In the meantime, he writes social and non-sport reportages for Wirtualna Polska Magazine. In 2017 he was selected to the shortlist of Grand Press Award and at the same year he received the Newsweek prize (The Polish award, granted annually by the Teresa Torańska Foundation associated with the Newsweek Magazine). The award was granted for the article about working conditions of paramedics in Poland. He is 28 years old, lives in Warsaw.

Paweł Kapusta was selected for the 2018 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Hard to save someone when life is flooding the landing and dripping from 5th floor to the 4th