Prune Antoine

Prune Antoine was selected for the 2021 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Sisters of Europe.’

Prune Antoine is a French independent reporter, fiction writer and editor. She lived in England, Spain, Hungary, Brussels or Paris before moving to Berlin in 2008. Her print or multimedia award-winning stories through contemporary Europe, from Germany to former USSR and Balkans, focus mainly on women issue, post-conflict societies and the rise of extremisms. Her first book “La Fille & le Moudjahidine” (Editions Carnets Nord, 2015) depicts the daily life of a young Northern Caucasian MMA’s fighter and refugee living in a small Eastern German’s city. Fascinated by the Tsarnaev brothers, the two terrorists of the Boston bombing, she oscillates this between religious radicalization and the desire to go and fight in Syria, and periods of dreaming of the comfort of a settled life in Germany. Her second book, “L’heure d’été” (Editions Anne Carrière/Points, 2019) was selected for the Prix Goncourt du premier roman: an uncompromising portrait of a city in turmoil, Berlin, describing as well the joys, doubts, hopes and despairs of the Millenials generation. When she isn’t writing, Prune runs cross-border journalistic projects like Sisters of Europe, gathering a new generation of authors from Europe and beyond.

Berlin, 25.4.2021, Portrait der Schriftstellerin und Jounralistin Prune Antoine, Copyright: Jan Zappnerwww