Russian Asset Tracker

OCCRP and the Guardian were selected for the 2023 Shortlist with ‘Russian Asset Tracker’. 

Russian Asset Tracker is a project led by OCCRP and the Guardian. Find more information about the team members and journalists who directly contributed to the investigation below.

Reporting, Writing, and Editing

Juliette Garside is deputy business editor of the Guardian and the Observer

Simon Goodley is an investigative reporter at the Guardian

Kalyeena Makortoff is the banking correspondent at the Guardian

Antonio Baquero is Europe editor at OCCRP

Lara Dihmis is a researcher/reporter at OCCRP

Alex Dziadosz is an editor at OCCRP

Jared Ferrie is an editor at OCCRP

Brian Fitzpatrick is an editor at OCCRP

Kevin Hall is North America editor at OCCRP

Ilya Lozovsky is a senior writer at OCCRP

Eli Moskowitz is an investigative journalist at OCCRP

Will Neal is a journalist

Stelios Orphanides is an investigative journalist

Miranda Patrucic is editor in chief of OCCRP

Olesya Shmagun is an investigative reporter at OCCRP

Graham Stack is an editor at OCCRP

Tom Stocks is a senior investigator at OCCRP

Drew Sullivan is publisher of OCCRP

Julia Wallace is deputy editor in chief at OCCRP

Jonny Wrate is an investigative reporter at OCCRP


Jan Strozyk is chief data editor at OCCRP


Lara Dihmis is a reporter/researcher at OCCRP

Misha Gagarin is a researcher at OCCRP

Karina Shedrofsky is head of research at OCCRP

Alina Tsogoeva is a researcher at OCCRP


Ivana Jeremić is a fact checker at OCCRP

Olena LaFoy is a fact checker at OCCRP

Bojana Pavlović is a fact checker at OCCRP

Dima Stoianov is a fact checker at OCCRP

Media and Research Partners

Anti-Corruption Data Collective, (Bulgaria), Delfi Estonia, Follow the Money (Netherlands), Forbes (USA), (Poland), The Guardian (UK), infoLibre (Spain), Inside Story (Greece), Investigative Center of Jan Kuciak (Slovakia), (Czech Republic), IrpiMedia (Italy), MANS (Montenegro), Miami Herald (USA), Le Monde (France), NDR (Germany), Oštro (Slovenia/Croatia), profil (Austria), Re:Baltica, (Luxembourg), (Lithuania), SVT (Sweden), Tamedia (Switzerland), De Tijd (Belgium), Transparency International UK

Use of Leaked Data

We would like to thank the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) for allowing us to draw on the Panama Papers, the Pandora Papers, the Paradise Papers, and the FinCEN Files for this research. Both the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers were leaked to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and explored in collaborative projects led by ICIJ. The FinCEN Files were obtained by BuzzFeed News, which helped coordinate a project with ICIJ in 2020 that delved into the files. ICIJ obtained the Pandora Papers and shared them with media partners around the world.


Romina Colman is Latin America data editor at OCCRP

Ilia Donskikh is the Russian website managing editor at OCCRP

Nathan Jaccard is a Latin America editor at OCCRP

Design and Graphics

James O’Brien is head of web at OCCRP

Edin Pašović is a design editor at OCCRP

Interactive and Web

Mark Nightingale is head of journalism products at OCCRP