The European Press Prize Shortlist 2017

Published on March, 2 2017

We proudly present this year’s nominees for the award ceremony in April. 

The European Press Prize nominated journalists from 18 countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia Spain, Ukraine and the UK – in four categories; distinguished writing, innovation, commentary and investigative reporting.

According to the members of our preparatory committee, the quality of this year’s entries was outstanding – making it very hard to decide on this shortlist – and truly represented the wealth and breadth of European journalism. Topics range from an astounding investigation into the trade of anabolic steroids in Moldova, to a heart-breaking exposé on the shortcomings of the child welfare system in Norway, from micro revolutions in everyday racism to mapping weapons of terror. The shortlist includes personal stories that shape communities, and the (in)famous Panama Papers, which caused major uproar across the globe. 

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In picture: Marion Quillard, Winner of The Investigative Reporting Award 2016

Marion Quillard, Winner of The Investigative Reporting Award 2016